Beijing the 14th China international battery exhibition has the battery head?

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Battery industry giants will rock the 14th China international battery show

Energy storage and power Battery by the state administration of quality supervision, inspection center, China Battery industry association, Beijing new energy automotive industry association, its electric car service co., LTD., Beijing new energy vehicle development promotion center, Beijing huaxing east exhibition co., LTD., jointly hosted "the 14th China international Battery products and raw materials, spare parts, machinery and equipment trade fair (' China 2019)" will be on July 6-9, 2019 in Beijing, the national conference center held a grand, The four-day event will bring together more than 500 battery industry leaders from China, the United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Belgium, India, Taiwan and other countries and regions.


According to the 14th China international battery exhibition organizers, with the rapid development of new energy industry, energy storage market as its affiliated industry also ushered in the explosive growth, especially in the field of new energy vehicles along with our country the world's new energy automobile production and sales for three consecutive years the first big country, makes our country within the global lithium battery industry plays a more and more important role. In this context, the exhibition is of more significance. As the leading battery technology and application exhibition in China and even the asia-pacific region, it will promote the innovation and breakthrough of battery and industry-related manufacturing technology in China and even the wider region.

Is the 14th China international battery show there are south Korean pavilion, byd, windsurfing, shengyang, Thornton, hao peng, deer, digititan, Siemens, Solvay, PEC, Espec, BMW, baic, saic, Mr Fukuda, its electric car service company, luneng, Xu Ji, south red, soering electrical and so on more than 300 industrial companies, receiving the will fully display the latest technology of batteries, electric vehicle whole industrial chain, the latest products. In addition, as a professional business platform in the field of battery, the organizing committee provides "one-to-one" audience invitation service for exhibitors. Has attracted a south Korean trade promotion, Daimler, Toyota, Honda, priorities, silver long, nanjing beit teng, shenzhen will electronics, zero day tiger commerce, huitong farther up to a real trade, commerce, Shanghai tian teng materials science and technology, force sensing technology, guilin institute of aerospace industry, Intralink, sheng green science and technology, Polimiroir, GuanCheng rui min new energy and constant light technology, Mr. JUUL Labs and so on more than 100 related to the exhibition site purchasing production and sales enterprises. At the same time, more than 10 international Chambers of commerce and associations, such as the European battery association, international battery chamber of commerce, India small battery industry federation and Bangladesh battery association, have also been invited.


The 14th China international exhibition exhibition will be held in same lithium-ion batteries, "2019 China's new energy automotive industry innovation BBS" together, will invite feng-chun sun academicians, zi-dong wang, deputy secretary general, huang researcher, jiu-chun jiang dean, jun-guo jia vice President, professor ji sen 20 industry renowned experts and related well-known enterprises such as leadership, electric vehicles, power battery, charging infrastructure currently three plates on in-depth discussion of the problems facing, for technical communication between the government, scientific research units and enterprises to provide a good platform, so as to promote the coordinated development of each link of the new energy vehicles industry.

Battery PACK network conjecture in the 14th China international exhibition will display battery related products, more other PACK lithium electricity companies involved docking communication, and some of the small and medium-sized energy storage battery PACK lithium electricity companies do, power lithium batteries and other products, or will again is a new small window, of course, more people in the li-ion battery PACK items in addition to the above resources docking, must do more product technical exchanges.


To expand the influence of this session of the 14th China international battery show show and for exhibitors to build a good atmosphere, the organizing committee also joined more than 100 industry vertical media and mass media to broadcast, video, interview, project, such as graphic form before and during exhibition to carry on the omni-directional stereo, exhibition established media zone at the scene of the show at the same time, enterprises can also according to their own needs to choose its own brand publicity media. It not only allows the exhibitors to find opportunities in the field of economy and trade, but also ensures the continuous attention of the industry professionals in the follow-up brand promotion.


The 14th China international battery exhibition will stick to the concept of innovative exhibition, aim at the international first-class exhibition, comply with the new round of industrial scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform trend, gather wisdom, build a platform, jointly promote the integrated development of battery industry, and share industrial cooperation opportunities. Welcome the relevant personage in the industry to attend the exhibition, visit, exchange and purchase! Check the website map, you can learn more about the battery industry giant will shake the 14th China international battery exhibition.

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