18650 lithium battery manufacturing process

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18650 lithium battery manufacturing process

18650 lithium battery manufacturing process:The whole production process of 18650 lithium battery includes battery material batching, battery coating, battery roll, automatic cutting, automatic production and other battery technologies, as well as the production process of 18650 lithium battery as well as battery liquid injection, chemical conversion, battery capacitance, battery detection, etc., which will be introduced here.

The first process: ingredients.

Choose the industry's top, high efficiency, stable operation, accurate operation of the domestic leading double planet vacuum high-speed mixing equipment. Mixing equipment through rotation and revolution, the solid and liquid in the vacuum environment for solid phase and liquid phase mixture, to achieve good performance and stable slurry.

Second procedure: coating.

The industry's leading the process equipment, through the operation system and correction system, ventilation system, heating system, match the size stability of uniformly coated on the surface of the foil, choose industry leading manufacturers, coating thickness variation within 2 microns (a leading position in the industry), imported servo motor, guarantee the coating precision, better meet customer demand for capacity.


Third process: roll.

Using esr ingot diameter of 1200 mm, adoption, chromium, tungsten, manganese, lithium, vanadium alloy steel, through induction hardening and laser processing technology, realize the output can be as high as 300 tons of ultra high pressure and the sheet thickness control in the plus or minus 1 mu m high precision roller, fully meet the power battery pole piece machining high standard requirements, which is in the leading position in the industry.

Fourth procedure: automatic cutting.

In the production of lithium ion battery, the positive and negative plates after intermittent coating are continuously cut and rolled. The cutting adopts the blade roller cutting method, the cutting tool adopts the advanced technology at home and abroad, the edge of the pole piece after cutting is free from powder and burr, which ensures the safety and stability of the battery, and can cut the ultra-thin and ultra-thick power battery pole piece very well. The cutting speed can reach 50m/min, and the precision and efficiency of the equipment are in a leading position in the industry.


Fifth procedure: automatic production and cutting.

The high degree of automation equipment, equipped with industry leading super welding equipment, can be dedicated to energy, ratio, energy storage, high low temperature, the performance of lithium ion batteries are the cathode production, rolling and tension control, process has closed automatically by the automatic volume, send a ear, welding pole ear, stick tape, reduce manual welding pole ear of sheet was damaged, scratched, welding skew and other security hidden danger, greatly improving the production of precision and efficiency.

Sixth procedure: winding the cell.

Using industry leading automatic winding equipment, the equipment will be diaphragm and has good welding pole ear continuous welding is negative, with automatic correction system function, control tension, low friction cylinder dust on the surface of a pole piece, iron filings, cutting knife clastic effective processing, the diaphragm electrostatic treatment, the products in a short circuit test, through the optical fiber detection system to differentiate and pick out the pieces of all kinds of bad state, make full use of the winding time for each station, so as to achieve the winding efficiency is high, the effect of roll core is the preparation of stable quality.


Step 7: the battery is put into the shell groove.

Using industry equipment manufacturer with intellectual property rights, the whole row into the cell, into the shell, negative pole ear automatic spot welding, automatic detection of welding deformations and automatic roll groove and glue, automatic sorting by detecting system short circuit batteries, thus reducing industry core winding breakage caused by internal cause human into the shell, as well as the virtual welding, greatly shorten the battery production cycle, to avoid the battery water absorption.

Step 8: battery baking.

Oven use patent type research and development, production, brand sales for the integration of factory automation, oven with high security, good air tightness, temperature setting error and measurement error of plus or minus 1 ℃ or less, in a short period of time to achieve the temperature set point, better remove the roll core contains some water.

Ninth procedure: cell injection/laser welding.

Through external dehumidification unit to dehumidification of glove box, glove box dew point temperature below 70 ℃ (relative humidity is less than 1%), is much better than the dew point temperature of the industry - 35 ℃. Liquid injection pump adopts high precision electronic liquid injection pump with ceramic core, which has high precision, long life, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and easy maintenance, to ensure reasonable and accurate consumption of electrolyte. Laser welding equipment adopts the equipment of a high-tech enterprise in wuhan. The positive pole ear and cap are firmly welded together through laser welding to avoid virtual welding.

Step 10: automatic component volume testing system.

The equipment adopts imported chip and switching power supply, and realizes automatic control of current and voltage through PLC programming. The accuracy of programmed current is 0.002A, and the voltage accuracy is 0.001V, so as to better meet the requirements of customers on voltage and voltage stability.


Step 11: testing and sorting equipment for shipment.

Adopts imported internal resistance tester, voltage and resistance can be controlled at 0.001 V and 0.1 m Ω, guarantee the customer group allocation, also can better improve with more sophisticated set of solutions for our customers.

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