The 32700 battery cell must not to buy|Such 32700 batteries must not be purchased

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How to choose 32700 battery cell

The author saw a group of 32700 battery cell, the battery appearance damage is very serious, most are rusted, and walter byte 32700 batteries stud is off, the surface layers of ash, and the arrival of the goods, the most main is a management byte 32700 lithium batteries of people don't know the original source of 32650 battery cells, although these batteries can low price to make communication base station system to sell high price of the battery, but simply do not know a from there on out, so run into this situation must not to buy, in addition this really can't use  WTM 32700 battery cell, as shown in the figure below:

How to choose 32700 battery cell

1, the WTM 32700 battery cell in the warehouse no one to do, no one to watch, the surface is a thick layer of ash, this kind of build meaning do not buy.

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2, china wtm 32700 lithium battery cells surface without any identification, there is no relevant battery information, the battery is not to buy.

WTM 32700 lithium battery cells

3, the WTM 32700 lithium battery cell bottom or top are rusty, this 32700 lithium battery cell had better not be used.

The 32700 battery cell must not to buy

4, the water code 32700 battery cell top surface ash is too much, small make up tried to clean how to wash not off, estimated put at least a year, so the water code 32700 battery pack is not recommended to buy, it is difficult.

Such 32700 batteries must not be purchased

5, walter byte is 32700 batteries this teardown, don't know how long use, the surface of the walter byte 32700 lithium batteries has spot welding marks, it is easy to see, undesirable businessman will be made street lamp solar lithium battery to it quietly malignant lower the price is wrong, should put a stop to this industry, because it was used and uneven surface, battery capacity you also don't know how much is left, suggest don't buy don't use the battery.


6. What is the leakage on the top or bottom of the 32700 battery cell? Do not use 32700 cells.

this is good 32700 battery cells

If the use of water code 32700 battery cell, then the best is A brand new product, cost-effective use rest assured.

this is 32700 battery cell

Above is ofbattery against that walter byte 32700 batteries of defective goods in the market has carried on the simple summary, actually these are not included in the actual performance testing, but also can appear in the process of test piles of bad product, but rather a waste of time, so suggest that we don't buy that kind of bad batteries directly for each netizen parameters, only to check the site map, how can understand more about 32700 batteries, looking for battery engineer Li Gong WeChat ID ZNDCWX can buy better 32700 battery cell.

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