What do you have to watch out for when customizing batteries for electric cars

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what are the tricks when customizing batteries for electric cars

Electric cars after introduced new gb standard of electric vehicle battery has many comments, the opposition and the support, people prefer to use the relatively cheap, long range electric vehicle batteries, but there is no such a good thing, be known according to small make up security practical long range is possible, but if the cheap is a bottomless pit, that's how you get what you pay for, take a look at below electric vehicle battery custom need to pay attention to what.

1, the electric vehicle battery size must pay attention to. Custom electric car battery must pay attention to the battery size of the electric car, if you do not know can use a tape measure the length, width and height of the battery in your electric car, or measure the length, width and height of the battery you are using now, this can ensure that the battery in the electric car can be put under.


2,Battery appearance. That is, the appearance of your battery, because part of the electric car put the battery is shaped, a careless you may buy a good battery, but not put in, it is not very angry, in order to avoid this situation can take pictures for custom personnel reference.


3, Battery performance. That is, what is the electrical performance of the battery you are using now, that is, what is the customized voltage of electric vehicle battery? What is the capacity of the battery? This is important to know, if you do not know you can look at the battery label, because these directly affect your use of the situation.


4,Lithium battery output mode. Some electric car battery output is the same port, some of the battery output interface is shaped mouth, and the battery output of two wires, in short, in the chaos of the electric car battery customization market above what kind of output mode, so customized electric car lithium battery must output mode to the manufacturer.


5,charging mode. Electric vehicle battery made the best manufacturers to match a set of corresponding charger, because different voltage of different current charger has a very big difference, if the electric vehicle battery chargers may not charge into the electric voltage is too low, if the electric car charger voltage too gao will have a larger potential safety hazard, electric vehicle battery custom charge and discharge current is the same reason.


Other details of ev battery customization, such as your ev battery color, motor power, required range, and more electrical performance and safety can be communicated with the battery capital website.

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