The integrated protection panel consists of those electronic components

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Integrated protection panel consists of those electronic components

What are the electronic components that make up the dual color integrated protection panel? In the design of integrated protection plate, lithium battery protection plate usually includes control IC, MOS switch, resistor, capacitor and auxiliary devices FUSE, PTC, NTC, ID, memory and so on. The control IC controls the MOS switch on under normal circumstances to make the cell and the external circuit on, and when the 18650 cell voltage or circuit current exceeds the specified value, it immediately controls the MOS switch off to protect the safety of the cell. When the protection plate is normal, Vdd is high level,Vss,VM is low level, DO and CO are high level. When any parameter of Vdd,Vss and VM is transformed, the level of DO or CO will change.


The circuit code in the integrated protection board is expressed as follows:

1. Overcharge detection voltage: in normal state, Vdd gradually increases to the voltage between vdd-vss when CO terminal changes from high level to low level.

2. Overcharge release voltage: in the charging state, Vdd gradually decreases to the voltage between vdd-vss when CO terminal changes from low level to high level.

3. Voltage detected by over discharge: in normal state, Vdd gradually reduces to the voltage between vdd-vss when the d-o terminal changes from high level to low level.

4. Overdischarge discharge voltage: in the state of overdischarge, Vdd gradually rises to the DO terminal from low level to high voltage.

Overcurrent 1 detected voltage: in normal state, VM gradually rises to DO from high level to low voltage.

Overcurrent 2 detected voltage: under normal conditions, VM rises from OV to DO terminal at a speed of more than 1ms and less than 4ms, and the voltage between VSS and VM changes from high level to low level.


7, load short circuit detection voltage: in the normal state, VM OV from 1 S above 50 S below the speed to DO terminal from high level to low voltage usually vss-vm voltage.

8. Voltage detected by the charger: in the state of over discharge, the voltage between VM and VSS gradually decreases from low level to high level by OV to DO.

9. Current consumption during normal operation: in normal state, current (IDD) of VDD terminal is current consumption during normal operation.

10. Over-discharge consumption current: in the state of discharge, the current (IDD) flowing through VDD terminal is the over-discharge consumption current.

Lithium battery integrated protection plate (rechargeable) needs protection because of its own characteristics. Because the material of the lithium battery itself determines that it cannot be overcharged, over discharge, over current, short circuit and ultra-high temperature charge and discharge, so the lithium battery lithium battery components always follow a delicate protective plate and a piece of current protector.

China battery network lithium battery protection function is usually performed by protection circuit board and PTC current device coordination, protective plate is composed of electronic circuits, to 40 ℃ to + 85 ℃ under the environment of time accurate monitoring batteries voltage and circuit current and the control current loop in time on and off; PTC prevents severe battery damage at high temperatures.


Usually state: battery made with integrated protection plate voltage over over discharge detection voltage (2.75 V), integrated protection board of charging detection under voltage (4.3 V), VM terminal voltage in charger detection voltage above, below the over current/voltage detection (OV), IC by monitoring the connection in the voltage difference between VDD and VSS and VM - the voltage difference between the VSS control MOS tube, DO ends, CO for the high level, the MOS tube conducting state, the integrated protection board free of charge and discharge.

When the polymer battery is charged so that the voltage exceeds the set value VC(4.25-4.35v), VD1 flips to make Cout low level, T1 cut-off, the integrated protection plate charging stops, when the battery voltage falls back to VCR(3.8-4.1v), Cout becomes high level, T1 conduction charging continues, VCR is less than a fixed value VC, to prevent frequent current jump.

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