Lithium battery ingredients after the next material have those matters needing attention

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How to prepare lithium battery ingredients

一, lithium battery ingredients how to sample viscosity.

1. After the mixing, open the suction valve on the mixing head and discharge the vacuum. When the vacuum pressure gauge reaches 0Pa, as shown in FIG. 12, close the suction valve.

2. Open the feeding port, use the sampling cup to sample 3 cups, and use the third cup for viscosity test and solid content test.


3. After sampling, close the sampling port and send the samples to IPQC for testing. If the test is qualified, proceed to the next step directly; If the test is unqualified, add deionized water according to the process standard, and then stir at a high speed for 0.5 hours before measuring the viscosity, until the test is qualified, before the next step.


4. After the viscosity adjustment is completed, stir at high speed for another 2 hours, and then prepare for cutting.

二, lithium battery ingredients how to feed.

1. Lift the mixing head and move the stirred slurry under the coating automatic feeding machine;

2. As shown in FIG. 14; Press the up and down arrow on the handle to make the top cover completely match with the bucket. Be careful not to hold the hand on the edge of the mixing bucket to avoid accidents.

3. Fasten the six clasps on the slurry bucket and the top cover respectively and tighten them clockwise as shown in FIG. 15;

4. Connect the blanking port and the blanking pipe of the barrel, make sure the connection is firm and check the connection regularly, as shown in FIG. 16;


5. Turn on the power switch of coating automatic blanking machine and start stirring;

6. The operator can open the "total pressure valve" and "blanking pipe valve" as shown in FIG. 17 and start blanking only when the coating operator notifying the blanking operator.

7. At the same time of blanking, always keep in contact with the coating workshop. If the coating workshop feedback that blanking is too slow, first check whether the air pressure valve is lower than 2.5mpa.

If the air pressure valve is normal, check whether the filter is blocked. If blocked, replace the standby filter.


8. After feeding, close the "feeding tube valve" and then close the "total pressure valve".

The above is a summary of the experience of ofbattery in preparing lithium battery ingredients. However, this is only a little. Due to poor English, it is not very ideal.

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