Experience analysis of lithium battery processing design

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Lithium battery processing design considerations

Lithium battery processing design is good or bad depends on some project input information, a lot of lithium battery manufacturer to chase after is married, but does not pay attention to the full range of lithium battery processing design information, lead to part of the project was cut off during the scheme design, so can the importance of lithium battery processing design for product manager, so what should pay attention to the lithium battery processing design, the influencing factors of lithium battery processing design and have those? See li gong of expert of lithium battery customization is aimed at this thing answer together.

1, polymer lithium battery processing the width dimension of flange design factors: because polymer battery usually ruffled by the single or double flanged technology, ruffled edge of the battery when the battery will loosen, such as the original hem is 20 mm wide, because the battery after folding pu so will release some to 20.3 mm or so, don't plan to pay at this time, it is also a test of product designer, remember to leave more space or leave a good battery space.

2, lithium battery processing finished product design thickness size factors: because the polymer battery itself has swelling, all the soft package of batteries in charging and discharging will swell after a certain number of times, so what should be considered in product design thickness expansion rate, in addition the caliper card battery thickness stretch and not pull card, thickness is there will be a change, not letter you can find a lithium-ion polymer battery cell with a caliper to test the thickness, the thickness of at least 10 silk deviation.

3. Battery material system factors: most digital products use the ternary battery material system, such as mobile phones, tablet computers, bluetooth headphones, etc., while the high-capacity polymer battery used in the car USES more lithium iron phosphate system; Ternary materials have a normal voltage of 3.7v, while iron-lithium materials have a voltage of 3.2v.

4. Polymer battery capacity factor: a certain capacity can be achieved within the corresponding battery space, but not 100% of the battery capacity segment, so the polymer lithium battery customization manufacturer will give the upper limit and lower limit of the battery capacity; For example, the design capacity given by the manufacturer in the evaluation is 100mAh, but 95mAh will appear in the actual production process, which is normal, because the design will have positive and negative tolerance, do not be literal to carry.

5, polymer lithium battery voltage system factors: high voltage and average voltage must pay attention to distinguish, such as using high voltage of 4.35 V (charge) voltage when the system must be in polymer lithium battery in the manual processing design is clear, and ordinary or 4.2 V voltage (charge), if you do not make clear we'll give you a customized system into 4.2 V voltage, you ji out there again, it is recommended that you want to know your product chip power solutions, to see what is the voltage system is more appropriate.

6. Working current rate of the battery: for example, the working current of some bluetooth headset batteries is relatively small, usually 0.2c discharge is enough; For example, A polymer 802540-600mah battery used in A model airplane can only be used in the model airplane with A sustained discharge of 20C. Therefore, when processing and designing A lithium battery, it is necessary to have A clear understanding of the working current. It is better to know how much current A lasts and how much current A works in A moment.

7, lithium battery pole ear when processing design factors: the lithium battery processing design should pay attention to the overall size batteries, especially the positive ear size of the polymer battery, the positive pole ear particularly vulnerable, because soft package battery several times would be easy to break, turn the laser welding nickel is generally positive, ears, when used according to the experience emphasizes the positive ear bending frequency of no more than 3 times, if the battery RongJian enough can be used in a wide and thick ear polymer lithium battery processing design custom solutions to solve the problem of the ear is easy to break.

8. Polymer battery output factors: Lithium battery processing design considerations for analysis typically small polymer battery output is in the majority of the wire, but also a part of the output of battery terminal, it involves the terminal corresponding models, such as the JST terminals, PH terminals, terminal 1.25, 2.0, terminal 2.54 terminals, terminal blocks, etc., 3.96 terminal is also points forward, backward, if like a 7.4V polymer battery pack in the wrong direction will lead to product does not work and even burn out, if you are not clear on the plug and socket batteries can be input circuit provided to each other, Or face to face communication can basically ensure that polymer lithium battery customization can be a molding and no error.

9, lithium battery processing designed to PACK finished factors: PACK finished product lithium battery when processing design is mostly with protective plate, wire, plug line, shell, etc., and some special may be a need to add FPC soft lines, such as apple mobile phone batteries, some of them are need to design into 12 V lithium-ion battery PACK with plastic shell to cooperate with industrial products after use, and some is 3.7 V, such as walkie-talkie batteries; Some need to add communication protocol, such as car batteries; So these projects in the use of polymer lithium battery customization process must be clear all the detailed information, involving large current, shell and shell color, screen printing, communication protocol and other content, the more detailed the better, the more detailed can reduce mistakes.

10, polymer battery shell element: don't deliberately to scratch the surface of the batteries, because the surface is very fragile, polymer lithium battery is easy to scratch, and the quality of some customers in incoming inspection will use fingernails scratch the surface of the batteries painstakingly, then throws the battery supplier this kind of behavior is very shameful, we should put an end to, against and put a stop to this kind of bad character, below this kind of scratch you can accept?

Above is lithium battery pack small make up custom polymer battery manufacturer small summary experience for many years, the hope can help like custom battery net friend, of course, these can be extended to other product customization, hope polymer lithium battery processing design of 10 factors to inspire you, actually we battery engineers also is very not easy, coping with the pressures of outside customers not only, also face the pressure of competing in the industry, a bit not careful will be copied out by the boss. Please support polymer lithium battery custom engineer, custom details, please communicate more.

About lithium battery processing and design experience we share here first, foundation for different lithium batteries used in the design of the processing method is different, so if you have this aspect of the lithium battery processing design experience can also communicate with small make up together, together we do lithium battery processing design engineer, to check the site map, you can learn more of 10 factors related to lithium battery processing design.

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