Some common problems with charging a lithium-ion phone

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Lithium battery charging common problems in mobile phones

With the rapid development of smart phones, adults one to two fundamental smart phones, smart phones now commonly used polymer battery pack, is relatively mature and stable, different versions about the security problem such as cell phone lithium batteries, such as mobile phone charger all night it would owe good, the battery cell phone charge blasting is what reason, but the reality of what is going on? Here are some common questions about charging your phone:

Problem 1: charger mix

If use the plug of iPhone to charge iPad, you will find that charging is very slow, if use the plug of high power to charge the phone of small power plug, the speed will accelerate a lot, but it will cause great damage to the phone battery, so it is best to choose the original charger when charging!

Problem 2: mix charge cable

Charge line had better choose the charge line of original outfit, the charge line of corresponding product avoids to mix up, go out, we can choose to charge treasure, love to take a root to compare short line to go out casually, if be the charge line of big shop sign manufacturer is ok, can have very big safety hidden trouble otherwise!


Problem three: don't pay attention to the phone temperature when charging

In the low temperature environment, the low temperature maintenance mechanism of lithium battery will promote no chemical reaction of substances in the battery, so it is unable to charge or slow down the charging speed, and at high temperature, the lithium battery will be unstable and even cause blasting!

Problem 4: charging should not be done too often

There is a saying: each cell phone battery has a fixed number of charging, if the number of charging too much, will accelerate the aging battery strain! Lithium battery and nickel battery is different, frequent charging of the battery has a slight advantage! When the mobile phone battery is too low, it should start charging in time.

Question 5: is there a need to activate new phones now

The new mobile phone needs to use up the phone's electricity, then charge, and the need to repeatedly operate 3-4 times can be called activation. It used to be the case with mobile phones, but LC18650 lithium battery cell are no longer needed.


Problem 6: the first charge is necessary for 12 hours

There is no need to charge the battery for the first time. It is necessary to charge it for 12 hours. This is what the old battery requires.

Problem 7: charging while playing

If the condition allows, had better be to charge when shutdown, this is best to battery maintain. Charging while playing with the phone, in addition to damage the phone battery, but also harmful to the human body! A lot of people like to play the game once a time to charge, then the phone is the most simple hot warming up, should try to avoid playing while charging, or there are great safety risks.

Problem eight: overcharging

Charge not unplug the power supply in time, can let the battery status has been maintained with electricity, it will accelerate the cell loss rate, many habits in charge before sleeping in the evening, if use original charging equipment, filled with electricity automatically after the standby, this time actually used electric charger, not using the battery, if not original, continuous charging will damage the battery!


Problem nine: charge to wear a cover

In order to maintain the mobile phone, many people choose to wear a cover for the mobile phone! But we do not know the lithium battery is very afraid of the heat, the charge will be hot, so it is best to remove the phone cover to recharge.

We suggest to don't use a mobile phone, as far as possible when cell phone lithium battery charging should be preferred when special original charger, mobile phone use in addition to recharge the phone should be away from flammable items, unplug chargers after fully charged, the charging battery charging around 10% more appropriate to view the sitemap, can understand more about the lithium battery charging the mobile phone of common problems.

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