18650 lithium battery manufacturers exposure battery naming rules

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Naming rules for 18650 lithium battery

The 18650 lithium battery manufacturers exposure battery naming rules, the author learned from the 18650 lithium battery manufacturers, the 18650 lithium battery naming rules are generally divided into five points, including the size of the battery, the battery cathode material, the external shape of the battery is important, they occupy an important role in the 18650 lithium battery naming.

It is reported that in many 18650 lithium battery manufacturers, most of the 18650 lithium battery manufacturers have the same name, but many manufacturers with their own factory shrink, other are very similar, for example, shenzhen battery manufacturers is so named 18650 lithium battery.


1. Shape of 18650 lithium battery and anode material system

Main shapes: the square is represented by P and the cylinder is represented by R; Anode material: lithium iron phosphate is expressed as IF; So IFR stands for iron-lithium cylindrical battery.

2, 18650 lithium battery cell size

Cylindrical cell size: composed of 5 digits. The first 2 digits represent the diameter of the cell and the second 3 digits represent the height. The diameter unit is mm and the height unit is 1/10mm. For example, 18650,18 indicates a diameter of 18mm and a height of 65mm.

Square cell: it is composed of 6 digits. The first 2 digits indicate the thickness of the cell, the middle two the width and the back two the height. For example, 1665120,16 means width 16mm, width 65mm, height 120mm;

3. Type of 18650 lithium battery cell (working current)

E is capacity type: discharge current 1C; N is the conventional medium power type: 1C < discharge current < 5C; P is power type: discharge current 5C.


4. Special mark for 18650 lithium battery

Using temperature to distinguish: batteries type L work for low temperature type: temperature < 0 ℃; R for room temperature type: 0 ℃ temperature 45 ℃ or less or less; H for high temperature type: using temperature 45 ℃ >;

Cell cost: D type cell: high cost cell; Type C cell: low cost cell;

F type cell: flat cap cell; Type J cell: pointed cap cell;

Shell materials: steel shell S, aluminum shell A, and aluminum plastic film flexible packaging P;

Other special requirements or compound to distinguish cell type: add other letters or symbols to distinguish the cell.

Note: name only the most important one.

5. Nominal capacity of 18650 lithium battery cell

Consisting of several digits in the unit mAh; For example: 2200 mAh;

Note: it is different from the capacity grade after the capacitance of the cell. The capacity grade is the actual capacity data obtained after the capacitance is graded according to a certain range, such as the A1 cell.


Examples of the naming of iron lithium battery in shenzhen battery net are as follows:

1. Iron-lithium cylindrical battery; 2. The cell diameter is 18mm and the height is 65mm; 3. Capacitance type cell; 4. The operating temperature is room temperature; 5. Capacity: 1200mAh.

Therefore, this cell is named IFR18650P1200mAh battery

From the above, it can be seen that the naming rules of 18650 lithium battery manufacturer are easy to understand, simple and clear. If you see the information of an 18650 model, normal people can know its battery capacity, battery type and battery material, which may be its unique feature.

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