Polymer battery or lithium battery is better

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Polymer battery or lithium battery is better

Polymer battery and lithium battery which is better? Which is better, polymer or lithium? This is a question many battery users and battery users are concerned about, here we only use one way to answer the authority, here is the polymer battery winding method to tell you, you can obviously see which polymer battery is better than lithium battery.

Polymer lithium battery winding method:

I. preparation before winding:

1. The operator shall put on the labor protection articles, check the winding machine, and turn on the winding electromechanical source switch after making sure that all parts are clean;

2. Check whether the display of power supply is normal, whether the display of total air pressure meter meets the requirements of air pressure, and whether the temperature of hot welding is normal;


3. Adjust or replace the two matching rolling needles according to the production model;

4. Load the winding adhesive paper and diaphragm paper into the winding machine according to the process requirements, and adjust the diaphragm tension (as shown in figure 1 and figure 2);

5. Adjust the width and position of the guide plate of the positive plate and the negative plate respectively according to the width of the plate;

6. Input winding parameters and adhesive paper parameters according to empirical values from the control panel.

Two, polymer battery and lithium battery which is better? Take a look at the winding. The winding method is as follows:

1. The operator takes a negative plate from the lower guide plate and pushes it into the bottom of the winding needle with his left hand, lightly steps on the foot switch, takes a positive plate from the upper guide plate and pushes it into the winding needle with his right hand, and then gently steps on the foot switch to complete the first step.

2. Gently press and hold the middle position of negative and positive pole pieces respectively with left and right hands, and gently press the foot switch to roll the needle, until all the pole pieces leave the guide plate and enter the position of winding needle, then both hands leave the position and complete the second step;


3. Observe whether the negative pole end corresponds to a diaphragm. After confirmation, tap the foot switch to complete the third step.

4. In the third step, both hands can take off a positive and negative plate at the same time. After winding in the third step, the loop enters the first step.

5. After winding 5~10PCS of cells, remove the cells for self-inspection and put the cells in the designated area.

As can be seen from the figure above, which is better, polymer battery or lithium battery? I should have seen the reel.

Which is better, polymer or lithium? Read more here's what baidu says:

1, the full name of polymer battery is polymer lithium battery. It's a kind of lithium battery. From the cell point of view, lithium battery is divided into the first generation of steel lithium battery, the second generation of aluminum lithium battery, the third generation of polymer lithium battery. As the polymer battery is encapsulated with aluminum composite film, the film is only 0.3m thick, the internal space for the reaction material is the largest, aluminum composite film is much lighter than the steel shell aluminum shell, aluminum composite film can be pulled up, effectively reduce the battery adverse reaction when the air pressure, to avoid the possibility of explosion. Polymer lithium battery is the battery with the highest capacity, the lightest weight and the best safety. So polymer lithium batteries are better.


2, you said polymer battery is lithium polymer batteries, lithium battery is a kind of general said that the lithium battery is lithium ion battery, there is a call of lithium iron phosphate batteries, byd is often boast "iron battery", used as power lithium-ion polymer battery, more advantages than lithium ion battery is more, such as: appearance can accomplish more thin, capacity is about fifteen percent higher than the lithium ion battery, light weight, often used in mobile phones, mp3 and other portable devices.

3, lithium battery can be light weight, long life, but the price will be a little more expensive that is called lithium polymer battery is good, another called lithium ion battery, there is a lithium iron phosphate battery.

Polymer battery network summary: polymer battery and lithium battery which is better? The full name of polymer battery is polymer lithium battery, it is a kind of lithium battery, excluding lithium iron phosphate battery, lithium ion battery, power battery, aluminum shell lithium battery, currently large capacity polymer battery is the best, can support 50C discharge, but need to see the battery winding.

In general, we recommend polymer battery, which is the most widely used, varied and sized lithium ion battery in the market. Of course, some netizens have different Suggestions. Which is better, polymer battery or lithium battery? Point of view.

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