Shandong lithium battery factory production rules

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Shandong lithium battery factory production regulations

Shandong lithium battery factory production regulations。

In order to standardize the production, quality inspection and ex-factory requirements of lithium battery, improve the company's image in the minds of customers, and improve the quality of the company's products, in addition to the normal production process requirements for the production process, quality inspection process, ex-factory requirements and other related processes, the following requirements are made.

一、 production process:

1. In addition to screening according to normal production process, number each cell and record voltage and internal resistance, and input them into the computer for recording;

2. The incoming cell number is recorded in the computer for tracing back to the source;

3. The assembled battery pack is uniformly numbered, which is the certificate of this batch of batteries;


4. Sample number: 20190429-sddcc-2019012; The first 8 digits are the factory date, followed by the schedule contract number, and the above is the barcode, as shown in the figure below. The original single date is changed to the code with the contract number.

5. The labels on all devices shall be fixed in the same position with the same horizontal and vertical directions;

6, in accordance with the requirements of factory, equipment, packing and invoice to indicate the incoming number (1) into the warehouse number remark to the logistics list or on the shipping list, 2. The material code written in each small wooden frame unified position, 3. Each small wood packaging reserve forklift transshipment stents or all playing a small wooden frame packing on pallet, reserve forklift transshipment stents below);

7. Before the whole machine leaves the factory, do no less than 3 cycles of aging test and make records;

7.1 the cyclic aging test shall be conducted in the following process steps:

A. Discharge the battery pack according to the technology given by shandong  and record in the computer

Discharge current, discharge time, discharge termination voltage, discharge capacity and other information.

B. Charge the finished battery pack with a lithium battery charger. (verify the thermal stability of the charger and protection plate)。


C. After charging the lithium battery pack and leaving it for 5 minutes, measure the voltage of the battery pack and do it well


D. The above process is a cyclic aging test process.

8. Establish the battery pack file. According to the number, it is convenient to check the relevant parameters in the battery pack.


二、Quality inspection process

1. Check whether the equipment inspection report meets the factory requirements;

2. Check whether the appearance of the equipment is beautiful without scratches, bright paint and impurities;

3. The length and diameter of the input line meet the technical requirements;


4. The output line length and diameter meet the technical requirements;

5. Output connector with pull handle (as shown in figure);

6. Check whether the label and packaging are standard. (see figure);

7. The whole machine shall be tested at the factory for no less than 3 cycles, and shall be recorded in writing and computer.

三、Delivery process。

1. Meet all requirements of quality inspection;

2. Complete materials (including instructions)

3. Record and test table of the whole process of battery assembly, and send photos of the equipment before leaving the factory to

The production regulations of a lithium battery factory in shandong province stipulate the basic precautions for the production of lithium battery in a certain lithium battery factory in shandong province. The production quality details of a lithium battery factory in shandong province are shown. Please check the website map to learn more about the production regulations of the lithium battery factory in shandong province.

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