Common problems and causes of lithium batteries are as follows

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Common problems and causes of lithium batteries are as follows

Common problems and causes of lithium batteries in electric vehicles,Common problems and causes of lithium batteries are as follows:Low battery capacity,High internal resistance of the battery,Low battery voltage,Abnormal batteries,battery explosion,etc.

Common problems and causes of lithium batteries are as follows:

1. Low battery capacity

Causes: less side material; There is a big difference in the amount of attached materials between the two sides; Less electrolyte; Low conductivity of electrolyte; Small porosity; The coil core is too thick (not dried or the electrolyte is not soaked), and the volume is not fully charged; The anode and cathode data are smaller than the capacity.


2. High internal resistance of the battery

Cause: false welding between negative plate and pole ear; Virtual welding of positive plate and pole ear; Blind welding of positive lug and cap; False welding of anode lug and shell; The contact resistance between the rivet and the press plate is large. There is no conductive agent added to the positive electrode; The electrolyte has no lithium salts; The battery has been short-circuited; Isolation paper has low porosity.

3. Low battery voltage

Side reactions (electrolyte differentiation; Positive pole has impurity; There is water); Leakage of the customer's circuit board (refer to the cell returned by the customer after processing); The customer did not spot weld as required (the cell processed by the customer); Burr; Micro short circuit; Dendrites occur at the negative pole.


4. The causes of the fault are as follows:

Weld leakage; Electrolyte differentiation; Undried moisture; Poor sealing of cap; The shell wall is too thick; Shell is too thick; The coil core is too thick (too many attachments; Pole sheet not compacted; The gap is too thick.

5. Abnormal batteries

The SEI film is incomplete and dense. High baking temperature adhesive aging stripping; Low negative specific capacity; More positive and less negative materials; Leakage of cap and welding seam; Electrolyte differentiation, electrical conductivity decreased.

6, battery explosion

Defective divider (forming overcharge); Gap closure effect is poor; Internal short circuit.


7. Short circuit of the battery

Dust; Shell fashion broken; Ruler scraping (gap paper is too small or not padded); Uneven winding; No good package; There are holes in the gap;

8. Battery break.

The pole lug and the rivet are not welded well, or the useful solder spot area is small;

Joint piece cracking (joint piece is too short or too close to pole piece for spot welding).

Common problems and causes of lithium batteries are as follows Product push

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