Automobile lithium battery equalization technology:

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Automobile lithium battery equalization technology:

Automobile lithium battery equalization technology:

In order to provide sufficient voltage to the equipment, the vehicle lithium battery pack is usually composed of several batteries in series, but if the capacity mismatch between the batteries will affect the capacity of the whole battery pack. To do this, we need to balance the mismatched batteries.


Automotive lithium battery pack usually consists of one or several battery packs in parallel, each battery pack is composed of three to four batteries in series, this combination can meet the voltage and power requirements of notebook computers, medical equipment, test instruments and industrial applications.

However, battery equalization, a common configuration, is often not the most effective, because if one battery in series does not match the capacity of the others, it can reduce the capacity of the entire battery pack.


Battery capacity mismatch in automotive lithium battery equalization technology includes charging state (SOC) mismatch and capacity/energy (C/E) mismatch. In both cases, the total capacity of the 18650 vehicle's lithium battery pack is only as large as the weakest battery.

In most cases, the battery mismatch is caused by inadequate process control and detection, rather than the chemical properties of the lithium ions themselves. Prismatic lithium batteries require greater mechanical pressure to produce and are more likely to differ from one another. In addition, lithium-ion polymer batteries also differ from one another due to new processes.

Automobile lithium battery equalization technology

Battery equalization technology the battery equalization treatment technology can solve the problem of SOC and C/E mismatch, so as to improve the performance of lithium battery packs for tandem vehicles. The battery mismatch can be corrected by balancing the battery in the initial adjustment process. After that, the battery mismatch can only be balanced in the charging process, while the C/E mismatch must be balanced in both charging and discharging processes.

Although the defect rate may be low for a battery manufacturer, it is necessary to provide further quality assurance to avoid the problem of too short battery life.

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