The safety function of lithium battery is explained like this!

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The safety function of lithium battery is explained like this!

In order to avoid overdischarge or overcharge of the battery caused by improper use, there is a triple maintenance organization in the lithium battery. One is the use of switching elements, when the temperature inside the battery rises, its resistance will rise, when the temperature is too high, will take the initiative to stop the power supply; The second is to select appropriate partition data, when the temperature rises to a certain value, the active dissolution of the partition on the micron level micro hole, so that the lithium ion can not pass, the battery internal reaction stop; Third, set the safety valve (that is, the vent hole on the top of the battery). When the pressure inside the battery rises to a certain value, the safety valve will be opened to ensure the safety of the battery.


Sometimes, although the battery itself has safety control measures, but because of some reasons caused the control failure, short safety valve may not have enough time to release the gas through the safety valve, the battery pressure will rise sharply and cause blasting.

With the addition of battery capacity, the volume of battery is also being added, and its heat dissipation function becomes worse, and the possibility of accident will be greatly increased. For lithium-ion batteries used in mobile phones, the basic requirement is that the probability of a safety accident is less than one in a million, which is also the minimum standard accepted by the public. For large capacity lithium-ion batteries, especially those used in automobiles, forced heat dissipation is particularly important.

Selecting safer electrode data and lithium manganate data ensures that in the fully charged condition in terms of molecular structure, lithium ions of the positive electrode are now completely embedded into the carbon hole of the negative electrode, fundamentally avoiding dendrite attack. With manganese acid lithium solid structure, make its function is far lower than that of cobalt acid lithium oxide, decomposition temperature over 100 ℃, cobalt acid lithium even for internal short-circuit force attack (acupuncture), external short circuit, over charge, also can completely avoid the precipitation because lithium metal cause burning, the risk of blasting.

Advance the existing safety control skills function, first of all to advance the safety function of lithium ion battery cell, which is particularly important for large capacity batteries. Choose heat to close the estrangement with good function, the action of estrangement is in those who isolate battery is positive negative pole together, those who allow lithium ion is passed. When the temperature rises, the gap is closed before melting, so that the internal resistance rises to 2000 ohms and the internal reaction stops.


When the internal pressure or temperature reaches the preset standard, the explosion-proof valve will be opened and the pressure relief will begin to avoid excessive accumulation of internal gas, which will cause deformation and eventually lead to shell burst.

In the multi-level maintenance mechanism, even in the case of abnormal power charger, notebook computer, notebook battery can only be turned into active maintenance status, if the situation is not serious, often after the re-plug can work normally, will not burst.

With the advance of information technology and people's understanding of the planning, manufacturing, testing and use of lithium ion batteries, lithium ion batteries will become safer in the future.

The safety function of lithium battery is explained like this! Product push

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