Cylinder 18650 ternary lithium battery manufacturer sealing technical file

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Ternary lithium battery manufacturer technical file

Ternary lithium battery manufacturer engineers want to make 18650 battery performance, three yuan in cylindrical laboratory safety test lithium batteries, lithium battery manufacturer and then statistical analysis was carried out on the battery sealing performance indicators, made the indicators for 18650 sealing equipment validation, cylindrical ternary lithium battery manufacturer quality engineer test the sealing size, then the ternary polymer 18650 secondary authentication.


Polymer ternary lithium battery manufacturers' requirements for 18650 sealing technical parameters are as follows:

1. Battery size: 65.2 0.1mm; Battery diameter 18.0 0.1mm, ternary battery sealing appearance without leakage, stains, deformation, external scratches, steel shell rust, poor ear, marking errors and other adverse phenomena.

2, according to the polymer 18650 ternary lithium battery manufacturers according to the equipment point inspection table point inspection equipment, the specific steps are: open the air pressure valve, hear the air pressure sound that the air pressure has been connected; Then press the power switch on the operation panel, the indicator light is as shown below, indicating that the power has been connected; The equipment shall be free from floating dust and oil, and the equipment and working area shall be kept clean and clean.

3. Equipment parameters of polymer 18650 ternary lithium battery manufacturer: all equipment parameters shall be adjusted by equipment or process engineers, and field operators shall not move them.

4. According to the point inspection items and equipment of 18650 ternary lithium battery manufacturer, make records on the point inspection table.

2) preparation of tools for production: turnover box, wiping paper, alcohol and tweezers;

3) prepare protective tools: gloves and masks;

4) prepare production records and labels.


5. Sealing operation steps of ternary lithium battery manufacturer:

1) put the [automatic/manual] knob in the "manual" position, and then rotate the drawing square, press down, push cylinder and top shell cylinder in turn to make sure there is no problem with manual operation before proceeding to the next step.

2) put the "automatic/manual" knob in the "automatic" position, and then press [start], the device will operate automatically;

3) put the battery to be sealed into the disc positioning hole, and the battery will be automatically taken out by the material taking mechanism after sealing.

4) all operators of ternary lithium battery manufacturers take out the cell for self-test, and visually inspect the appearance without deformation or indentation, and send the size to QC for confirmation if it meets the process requirements.

5) the ternary lithium battery can not be formally produced until the quality QC staff of the manufacturer confirms that the first piece is qualified. All lithium batteries cannot be assembled without testing, otherwise they can be smashed as defective products.

6) during operation, the operator shall self-check the appearance of each cell and the size of each 200 cells. If the device is abnormal, press "emergency stop".

6. The injection requirements of 18650 ternary cylindrical lithium battery manufacturers are as follows:

1) the 18650 battery cell must be baked for 12 hours before liquid injection, and the sealing height shall be made into a control chart. The manufacturer of ternary lithium battery clearly stipulates that the cell shall not exceed half an hour from the beginning to the end of liquid injection. The sealed cells must be placed in the oven within half an hour and then baked at 45 degrees for 12 hours. After drying, it immediately flows to the next step. The dried cells must be formed within one hour.


2) after sealing, the tensile test standard is: more than 8Kg, or less than 8Kg, but there are copper stings on the steel shell surface.

3) appearance standard: no virtual welding, poor ironing hole, leakage gasket, negative pole breakdown, coil core diaphragm damage.

7. The standards of cylindrical ternary lithium battery manufacturers are as follows:

1) tear off the pole ear in the direction of vertical pole ear, and there must be residual foil on the pole ear.

2) the ternary lithium battery manufacturer reminds PACK team leader that defective products cannot be produced during the assembly and design process of lithium battery PACK. It is required to visually observe no leakage welding pole ear, virtual welding, no small glue sticking, irregular winding, incorrect welding position and incorrect glue sticking position. There are no other bad phenomena such as exposed foil, crack, broken belt, uneven cutting etc.

3) the adhesive paper shall fully cover the blank and the foil exposed on both sides of the blank and the root of the polar ear. The small adhesive shall move up 12mm from the edge of the polar piece to the root of the polar ear.

4, ternary lithium battery manufacturers require coating after the battery sheet without stripes, foil, fold, crack, roll not neat, material deformation, rust, poor drying, local particles, marking errors, drums, pole surface oil, copper foil oxidation, positive and negative white width uneven and other adverse phenomena.

Ternary lithium battery manufacturer for engineer training the cylindrical sealing technology archives, ternary lithium battery manufacturer review 18650 ternary lithium polymer battery manufacturer seal technology file and archive, fully sealed purpose, ternary lithium battery manufacturer to check the site map to learn more about the relevant cylinder sealing technology archives, ternary lithium battery manufacturer can more clearly understand the columned ternary lithium battery manufacturer seal technology file.

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