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OFbattery has good experience in lithium battery production, lithium battery design and lithium battery quality control. The excellent resource team can cooperate with customers to produce high-quality lithium battery with reasonable design, reasonable price, punctual delivery and integrity.


I. our advantages are as follows:

1. Provide safer lithium battery.

2. Provide high-quality products.

3. Provide more considerate services.

4. Provide more reasonable product prices.

5. Provide customized lithium battery service.

6. Provide lithium batteries of different shapes.

7, provide different types of lithium battery cell.

8, provide different voltage lithium battery pack.

9, provide different capacity of lithium battery pack.

10, provide a variety of lithium battery certification.


Two, you need to provide the following points:

1, the demand of the country, the company.

2. Application environment of lithium battery.

3. Working voltage of lithium battery.

4. Working current of lithium battery.

5. Size requirement of battery pack.

6. BMS communication requirements.

7. Packing method.


If above you are not quite clear, you can contact us.

Our supporting system is mature and rich in resources. The price of lithium battery is reasonable. The quality of the battery provided is safe and reliable.

Contact: wayson.Li


Wechat: ZNDCWX


A、 if you need lithium battery, please tell us in time.

B、If you need battery pack, please tell us in time.

Contact us to learn more about different types of lithium batteries,Please feel free to contact, thank you.

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