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Capacity of 18650-1200mAh lithium battery core means batteries capacity is 1200 mah, the battery type is 18650 model, it supports the battery standard 0.2 C after discharge of the battery capacity is 1200 mah, the type 18650 times, 18650-1200 mah lithium battery core is the 18650 lithium battery core support high rate discharge, battery discharge ability generally can reach more than 3 C and 5 C, such as ratio of 18650-1200 mah lithium battery core.


The multiplier type 18650-1200mah lithium battery cell is packaged with blue PVC film, and the battery surface can be sprayed with standard battery capacity, standard battery voltage, battery manufacturer, battery production date, 18650 battery model and other battery credit taxes. As shown in the figure below, there is a multiplier type 18650-1200mah lithium battery cell.


18650-1200mah includes the 18650-1200mah of the high-power discharge type, referred to as the 18650-1200mah lithium battery cell, which is one of the models of 3.7v cylindrical lithium battery cell. Of course, there is also the 18650-1200mah lithium battery cell of the common capacity type, referred to as the capacity 18650-1200mah battery cell, which can be consulted by the ofbattery network.


18650-1200mah not only has a battery capacity of 18650 1200mah, but also has lithium battery cells of 2200mAh and other different battery capacities. If you need lithium battery cells, please contact us. Please refer to the website map for more relevant lithium battery cells of different types.

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