Performance and structure of 48V electric vehicle battery

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48V electric car batterybasic attributes

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1. If the battery of 48V electric vehicle is developed by lithium battery of ternary type, it can be assembled and designed by using 18650 lithium battery, and it can be 13 strings, with a nominal voltage of 48.1v. If the battery of lithium iron phosphate is developed and designed, it can be 15 strings, with a nominal voltage of 48V, which is slightly higher than the voltage platform of lithium battery of ternary type. The 48-v electric vehicle battery has built-in lithium battery cell, which is assembled and designed together with the battery box, battery accessories, battery lead, high-end BMS battery protection board and battery supporting episode line. Special products will also be equipped with high-quality lithium battery cell for military use. In 48 v electric lithium battery design must do a variety of functional verification, and before doing military lithium battery production process as well as do the finished aging test, to ensure that a lost ten thousand yuan to the battery out of the warehouse, otherwise is not for life, and the nation's responsibility system, as a Chinese we should always have relied on the army to, because of the great Chinese military moment in protecting us, so we should take it for granted for them each a piece of the battery.

48V30Ah electric vehicle battery

2, 48 v battery design output must be in military connector, the most high-end connectors used in military equipment, we are special electric lithium battery output connector assembly must not be careless, because it and other Marine power battery customized design must be careful, all can not be careless, the future is robot era, we both need to electric cars a small world, and the battery is one of the most energy power core now.

Performance and structure of 48V electric vehicle battery

3. Introduction to the performance structure of 48V electric vehicle battery:

Product name: 48V20Ah lithium battery pack for electric vehicle

Battery model: DDC48V20Ah

Nominal voltage: 51.2v

Nominal capacity: 20Ah

Maximum charging current: 10A

Continuous discharge current: 20A

Pulse discharge current: 50A

Service life: 500 times

48V50Ah electric vehicle battery

Charging temperature (℃) : 0 ~ 45 ℃

Discharge temperature (℃) : - 20 ~ 60 ℃

Storage temperature (℃) : - 20 ~ 35 ℃

Overcharge protection cut-off voltage: 54.6V

Cut-off voltage of overdischarge protection: 39.0v

Same port for charge and discharge - charging port: 12 square wires (red positive pole/black negative pole) plus 20A Anderson plug; The output line is 10cm long.

Charge and discharge same port - discharge port: 12 square wire (red positive pole/black negative pole) plus 20A Anderson plug; The output line is 10cm long.

this is 48V electric car battery

Above is ofbattery for 48 v summarize and analyze the main technical points of the electric vehicle battery, hope to help people, another batch order 48 v battery must be related to the contract, the quality agreement, quality assurance, after-sales service time, etc., to form and manufacturers have a document, use less verbal commitment, so that we can avoid even the appearance of the dispute, view the site map can understand more about 48 v electric vehicle battery pack.

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