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4 series 18650 lithium batterybasic attributes

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4 series 18650 battery structure:

4 series 18650 lithium-ion battery pack nominal voltage of 14.8 V, lithium-ion battery pack structure mainly four string structure, this product is composed of four batteries, link way of plus or minus plus or minus combination, which was known as 4 s1p connection mode, also known as the four series of lithium battery, the lithium batteries in series should not only pay attention to the spot welding welding way, but also to the main insulation, each string of battery connection is not short circuit, B1, B2, B3 connection, more attention should be paid not super size it and three series of 18650 battery pack in the assembly design there is a little difference, but the four series of relatively better, this paper products shown in the pictures below.


Four series 18650 lithium-ion battery pack can be selected according to requirements of different voltage, capacity, if do with lithium iron batteries is 12.8 V, if use three yuan to do its voltage is 14.8 V batteries, battery capacity can choose 1500 mah, 2200 mah, 2600 mah, the capacity of 3000 mah and other different batteries, but particular attention to welding 4 series 18650 battery batteries nickel welding points, including welding several points are very clear, best can in lithium battery reflected in welding process parameter quantify, This will improve the quality of the 18650 battery pack and reduce defects and customer complaints.


4 series 18650 lithium battery pack comprehensive performance:

1. The final size of 4 series 18650 lithium battery packs is 19mm*75mm*72mm.

2. Four 18650 lithium battery packs weigh about 200g.

3. The over-charge limiting voltage is 16.8v, and the over-discharge limiting voltage is 11.6v.

4. The nominal voltage is 14.8v and the working voltage is between 11.6v and 16.8v. The single over-discharge protection plate is used to protect 2.9v.

5. Four series of 18650 lithium battery pack work continuously for 4A current, and the instantaneous working current can reach 10A.

6. The output and discharge mode of 4 series of 18650 battery pack is the plug wire, while the charging mode is the DC5521 plug.

7, when using the four series of 18650 batteries must adopt special charger, if the charger can not familiar looking for lithium battery manufacturer line charging specification information limited, if you don't understand how can check 18650 lithium battery use safety performance is good to learn about the battery, or looking for a manufacturer to form a complete set of your good corresponding charger, charging so avoid safety accidents, or when the time comes as a result of the charger problem battery safety problems will pass the buck.

8. It must be charged between 0 c and 55 c, but not below 0 c.


Customized process of portable energy storage battery

One, 4 strings of 18650 battery pack customization can be customized according to your needs, such as you want a set of 4 strings of 20Ah battery, our lithium battery customization engineer will according to your needs to docking space, size, current, use environment, etc., for you to make a relatively appropriate battery pack.

These batteries can be used in medical equipment, small electromechanical equipment, charging lamps, toy robots, air purifiers and other products.

Iii. It is suggested that you should prepare the following points when preparing customized lithium batteries:

1, provide the battery size, electrical performance requirements, output requirements, functional requirements.

2. Working time, product power, appearance and shape.

3. Discharge mode and charging mode.


Four, for the price of 4 series of 18650 lithium battery pack, generally according to your demand to the BOM, and then according to the lithium battery BOM pricing, of course, plus material costs, processing costs, transportation costs, basic profit, we will not quote, please rest assured.

The above is for the reference of users in the battery city. Please feel free to contact us if you have any needs or problems. We will solve the problems or make more suitable batteries for you in the first time.

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