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一、Introduction to the 60V electric vehicle lithium battery project

1, 60V electric lithium battery can be power supply for 60V electric 60 v lithium battery is divided into 60V30Ah electric bike lithium battery pack, 60 v60ah electric lithium battery pack, 60V50Ah electric lithium battery pack, 60V20Ah electric lithium battery system, electric cars and batteries are mainly cooperate with 60V lithium battery manufacturer to evaluate 60V electric lithium battery price, analysis of 60V electric lithium battery how much money a set of appropriate, provide technical solution proposal to the various kinds of 60V electric lithium battery custom services, Together, we provide the most suitable 60V electric vehicle lithium battery pack for users.

Lithium battery for 60V electric vehicle

2, 60V electric lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicle applications, it belongs to the core of the electric vehicle parts, and electric power heart, because it can cooperate with electric motor, electric car tires, electric car brake system, electric lights dashboard system guarantees safe driving for us, such as 60 v electric lithium-ion battery pack is actually like the small electric ship power battery can be can provide power and load function, so that the electric vehicles to achieve the real effect.

3, 60V electric vehicle lithium battery can bring a new communication system, to help people more efficient and safer driving operations, of course, 60V electric vehicle lithium battery in addition to the application in the electric vehicle industry, but also can be used in the field of cleaning equipment, such as hand washing machine, driving washing car, industrial vacuum cleaner; An intelligent lithium battery pack based on the industrial platform design, using SOC real-time tracking dynamic monitoring, support dynamic intelligent balance technology, real-time temperature detection protection, charging by protocol, follow the lithium battery charging and discharging characteristics, overcharge and discharge protection, short circuit protection and other functions, to ensure 1000 times DOD 80% service life; In addition, in the aspect of lithium battery safety for 48V electric vehicle, our 48V electric vehicle lithium battery manufacturer strictly follows the national standard GBT31467.3 battery pack safety requirements and test methods, and has passed the relevant certification, as well as UN38.3 standard test.

60V electric car lithium battery how many money 1 group

二、60V electric vehicle lithium battery price how much a group:

1. The price of 60V electric vehicle lithium battery is mainly based on battery materials, followed by charge and discharge current. However, most of them still use domestic lithium iron phosphate lithium batteries, but a few of them also use imported LG18650MF1 lithium batteries for assembly and production in experiments, which are mainly customized according to needs.

2. How much is the lithium battery for a 60V electric vehicle? Actually 60V electric lithium battery if the 18650 battery PACK assembling process technology is relatively simple, it is 17 series structure parallel design, whereas batteries using lithium iron phosphate IFR26650 lithium batteries need 19 string structure assembly, 60V electric lithium battery price difference is very simple, that you also see it can pick up directly determines the 60V electric car how much money a set of lithium-ion batteries.

60V20Ah electric car lithium battery

3, 60v electric lithium battery price how much money we have to look at 60V electric lithium battery capacity size, cell size, the current size, etc., 60v electric lithium battery price is mainly according to the requirements of your custom, different 60 v electric lithium battery price is completely different, and 60 v electric lithium battery capacity is larger, the price is more expensive, if you use a large ratio of lithium iron phosphate batteries, are made of 60V electric cars more expensive lithium-ion batteries, so 60 v electric lithium battery how much is the main battery parameters configuration.

Price of lithium battery for 60V-20Ah electric vehicle: 1700 yuan; Net friend lithium battery wholesale price: 1550 yuan, distribution charger.

this is 60V electric car lithium battery

The above customized lithium battery process is for reference only. The details are subject to the negotiation of both parties or the detailed contract. For any customized lithium battery, you can check the website map or China's ofbattery for any battery.

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