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1, 624055 lithium-ion polymer battery mainly used in digital products are common, such as bluetooth speaker power 624055 polymer batteries 1500mAh, small capacity of 624055 batteries, polymer battery core 624055, 624055 batteries warm hands treasure with polymer, mobile power supply with polymer mah batteries, 624055-1500mAh can be used in mobile power, mobile phones, such as bluetooth speakers, intelligent digital electronic products such as lithium polymer battery cells, 624055-1500 mah polymer lithium battery manufacturers also research and design other polymer cell models, with different capacity, different models, different sizes of 1500mAH battery, let's have a look.

624055 Polymer lithium battery cell

2, 624055-1500mAh batteries can also be made of different types of polymer lithium battery, such as 11.1V10Ah polymer lithium battery pack, 3.7V5000mAh polymer lithium-ion battery pack, etc., can be used in polymer batteries, 624055-1500mAh batteries to assemble design completed, 624055-1500mAh batteries by ingredients, coating, rolling, producer, some very ears, baking, winding, filler, encapsulation, rabin, points capacity and so on lithium battery assembly process control one of the finished product model, In fact, 624055 polymer lithium battery manufacturers have a lot of the same type of cell, 624055-1500mAh cell performance safety test to verify the implementation of lithium polymer mobile phone battery solutions, a look at the following 624055-1500mah cell products.

624055 polymer lithium cell

3. How much is the 624055 1500mAh battery? The price of 624055-1500mAh batteries, polymer battery mainly according to your demand, different capacity of lithium polymer battery price is completely different, and lithium polymer battery capacity, the greater the price is more expensive, if you use a large ratio of soft package of batteries, the same is made of lithium polymer battery price is more expensive, so how much is the lithium polymer battery battery model basically see configuration and related parameters.

624055-1500mAh battery cell

4, polymer 624055 cell cathode material lithium ion battery, it USES conductive polymer as the cathode material, its specific energy is three times the existing lithium ion battery, is the latest generation of lithium battery cell. By using solid electrolyte instead of liquid electrolyte, compared with the liquid lithium ion batteries, polymer batteries, 624055 be thin shape is changed, any area with arbitrary shape, etc, also won't produce leakage and combustion explosion safety problems, so can use lu: su composite membrane manufacturing battery shell, which can improve the specific storage battery; Polymer 624055 cell can also be used as a positive polymer material, its mass specific energy will be more than 50% higher than the current liquid lithium ion battery cells. In addition, lithium polymer mobile phone battery in the working voltage, charge and discharge cycle life than lithium ion battery has improved, based on the above advantages, polymer lithium ion battery cell is known as the next generation of lithium ion battery.

1500mAh polymer 624055 battery

5. Ultra-thin polymer 624055 lithium cell related lithium cell model display




906090-6000 mAh

6060100-5000 mAh





All the above are domestic customized A 3.7v pure ternary quality three guarantees after-sales service.

3750106-3050mAh (samsung A8 built-in cell)

4242112-3050mAh(built-in power of huawei mobile phone)

4346112-3500mAh (built-in power of huawei mobile phone)

346080-2300mAh (for flat panel only)

2695103-3700mAh (for flat panel only)

2949119-2750mAh (apple 6SP)

624055 Polymer lithium battery customized program

Made more than 624055-1500mAh batteries process are for reference only, specific will be subject to mutual agreement or detailed contract, if you have large capacity of 624055-1500mAh lithium battery pack functional requirements can be raised, battery corresponding battery engineer to the site will be in combination with the practical situation of 624055-1500mAh batteries manufacturers recommend, for you to customize or view the site map, can understand more about small capacity of 624055-1500mAh lithium polymer batteries, customized solutions.

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