GPS navigator 603040-800mAh polymer battery

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一、PL653040 polymer lithium battery is introduced:

1, 653040 lithium-ion polymer battery mainly used in digital products are common, in some vehicle equipment, vehicle traveling data recorder, GPS and other products with the most use of the 653040 polymer lithium battery, battery capacity is divided into 653040 600mAh, 700 mAh, 750mAh, 800mAh, 850mAh, etc., of course design of research and development of PL603040 polymer lithium battery manufacturers and other polymer batteries models, with different capacity, different types, different sizes of 600mAhbattery, and see it together.

pl653040 Polymer lithium battery pack

2, PL653040 polymer lithium batteries can be made into different types of polymer lithium battery, such as 11.1 V0.8 Ah lithium polymer battery pack, 3.7V800mAh polymer lithium-ion battery pack, etc., can be used in polymer batteries, 653040-600 mah batteries to assemble design completed, 653040-600mAh batteries by ingredients, coating, rolling, producer, some very ears, baking, winding, filler, encapsulation, rabin, points capacity and so on lithium battery assembly process controls one of complete product model, In fact, the manufacturer of 706090 polymer lithium battery has many similar types of cell, 653040-600mah cell performance safety test to verify the implementation of lithium polymer mobile phone battery one of the solutions, a look at the following pl653040-800mah cell products.

GPS navigator 603040-800mAh polymer battery

3. How much is 6530400-600mAh polymer battery? Can compare the price of 706090-5000mAh batteries, polymer battery mainly according to your demand, different capacity of lithium polymer battery price is completely different, and it is just as much a capacity of 624055 lithium-ion polymer battery basic price is more expensive, the greater the batteries if you use a large ratio of soft package, the same is made of lithium polymer battery price is more expensive, so how much is the lithium polymer battery battery model basically see configuration and related parameters.

this is 653040 Polymer lithium battery

二、Performance parameters of polymer lithium battery:

1. 653040-600mAh polymer lithium battery: 1 tandem and 1 parallel.

Nominal voltage: 3.7v (full voltage 4.2v, discharge voltage 3.0v.).

3. Battery capacity: 700mAh (all customizable)

Battery size: 6.0mm*30mm*40mm.

Maximum current: 5A.

6, 653040 output: wire output, FPC output, soft plate and shell output, but must be used according to the polymer lithium ion battery charging and discharging precautions to use the battery correctly, can not be careless, be careful of the battery problem.

7. Picture of 603040 polymer lithium battery produced by the manufacturer is as follows:

The PL603040 polymer battery looks like this

8. The chemical reaction formula of polymer 653040 cell is as follows:

Cathode :(Carbon-Lix) C +xLi+xe.

Diaphragm: Li conducts electricity.

Positive pole: Li1 xCoO2+xLi+xe LiCoO2

Total reaction: (carbon-xli +xe) + li1-xcoo2 LiCoO2+ carbon.

9, lithium polymer cell phone battery cell electrolyte, membrane polymer can be a solid polymer, such as polyethylene glycol (PEO), plus lithium hexafluoride (LiPF6), or other conductive salts plus silicon dioxide or other fillers can enhance the mechanical properties (such way has not been commercialized). Under the requirement of safety, carbon embedded in lithium is generally used as the negative electrode of the battery, except that some manufacturers (after the combination of Avestor and Batscap) use metallic lithium as the negative electrode (called lithium metal polymer battery).

Polymer battery 653040-800mah is coming

Made more than 653040-800mAh batteries process are for reference only, specific will be subject to mutual agreement or detailed contract, if you have large capacity of 653040-800mAh battery core functional requirements can be raised, battery corresponding battery engineer to the site will be in combination with the practical situation of 653040-800mAh batteries manufacturers recommend, for you to customize or view the site map, can understand more about the large capacity of GPS navigator, 653040-800 mah polymer battery solutions.

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