A 7-strand 18650 semi-finished lithium battery

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7 strings of 18650 semi-finished batteriesbasic attributes

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7 series 18650 lithium battery structure:

7 series of lithium battery is to more than 18650 batteries with seven series of battery design together, and 7 series 18650 lithium-ion batteries in the assembly process of the battery with the consistency of the requirement is much higher, including 18650 lithium battery voltage, internal resistance, capacity and so on should be good to match, if in the process of design the battery does not take into account the equipping of requirements, so to 7 series 18650 lithium batteries must be unqualified.


7 series 18650 lithium batteries if using ternary batteries to assembly, then its battery capacity can be increased, the theoretical value of 25.9 V batteries, because after 7 the same voltage of 3.7 V voltage additive is 7 series 18650 the nominal voltage of the battery pack, which in some project file has a lithium battery manufacturer instructions carefully and related battery engineering might be the battery project startup.

A 7-strand 18650 semi-finished lithium battery

7 series 18650 lithium battery performance introduction::

The capacity of 7 series 18650 battery pack can be customized, that is, we can do as much as you want.

2, 7 series 18650 battery working current for continuous 30A discharge, and can add the battery temperature protection function.

3, 7 series 18650 battery working voltage of 21.0 V ~ 29.4 V, as a single string discharge voltage of 3.0 V, 7 series after series as its discharge voltage of 21.0 V, it is higher than 3 series 18650 lithium battery voltage for the voltage 14.8 V, this is also what we recommended a kind of calculation method, and 7 series 18650 as the battery voltage of 29.4 V, which can be charged to 29.4 V, cannot fill up again, then can put you in trouble, must be in accordance with the provisions, use the battery.

4. The overall weight of 7 strings of 18650 lithium batteries is about 2800g.

5, 7 series 18650 battery finished size: length 165mm* width 135mm* height 68mm.

6, 7 series 18650 lithium battery charging can only be above 0 degrees, and less than 60 degrees can be, otherwise there will be safety hazards.

7. It is necessary to use the corresponding charger in the charging process, otherwise there will be security risks. If you are not clear about how to use 18650 lithium battery more safely, you may learn some battery safety knowledge from this file.

8, all these similar to 24V lithium battery can add protection board, overcharge function, over current function, over discharge function, short circuit protection function, temperature protection function, there is time to see what have what, do not want to write but the text is not enough, don't force a smile to see.

7 strings of 18650 semi-finished batteries

7 series 18650 lithium battery customization process introduction:

1. We will customize 7 strings of 18650 lithium batteries according to your size, current, structure and contact mode.

2. If you are not clear in the customization process, you can ask our battery engineer.

The way to increase the price of 18650 lithium battery is that it will increase with your working current and the increase of the battery capacity. We will not increase the parts for no reason. In addition, we ensure that the sample batteries will be the same as those in bulk, and will not be replaced.


4, 24V 7 series 18650 lithium battery can be made into 24V10Ah lithium battery, can also be made into 24V20Ah lithium battery, can also be made into 24V30Ah lithium battery, these are can be customized according to a certain size, a certain capacity.

5. If you have any customized demand for lithium battery, you can contact us. You can learn how to customize more cost-effective from the customized process of 18650 lithium battery, or you can call us for detailed methods for customization of lithium battery.

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