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3.7V cylindrical lithium battery cell is divided into three types: 3.7v Cylindrical lithium battery cells, 3.7v cylindrical lithium battery cell, 2200mah 3.7v cylindrical lithium battery cell,ect,3.7V dosage of cylindrical li-ion batteries is the lithium battery market model is one of the most widely lithium battery core, 3.7V cylindrical li-ion batteries models have 14500 battery cells, 14430 battery cell, 18650 battery core, and so on are all 22650 battery core 3.7V cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, can be widely applied to all kinds of lithium battery products, take a look at below 3.7V Cylindrical lithium battery cell to film material products.


LC18650 3.7V Cylindrical lithium battery cell, nominal voltage is 3.7V, charge voltage is 4.2V, like LC18650 3000 mAh lithium battery core, just different battery capacity, and LC 3.7V cylindrical lithium battery cell can be assembled into different lithium electricity product, similar to the 18650 3.7V to 11.1 V lithium-ion battery PACK is used 3 string combination of cylindrical lithium-ion batteries produced by the PACK of lithium battery PACK, is easy to understand?


3.7V type cylindrical lithium batteries  cell can be divided into cylindrical 3.7V cylindrical lithium battery cells, three yuan 3.7V cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, 18650 3.7V cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, 14500 3.7 V cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, 18500 3.7V cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, 26650 cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, etc., 3.7 V to 3.7 V cylindrical lithium-ion batteries manufacturers find ofbattery net ok, a lot of 3.7V cylindrical lithium battery cell can separate design and production into one string of 3.7V lithium battery cell for 18650 units.


Ternary 3.7v cylindrical lithium battery cell 18650 battery capacity is different, the normal 18650 battery 1300mAh, 1500mAh, 1800mAh, 2000mAh, 2200mAh, 2500mAh, 2600mAh and other 3.7v cylindrical lithium battery, these 3.7v cylindrical lithium battery general quantity large battery price will be preferential, check the battery website map can be more relevant ternary LC 3.7v cylindrical lithium battery cell.

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