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Electric tricycle batterybasic attributes

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一、Electric tricycle battery basic introduction:

1, the electric tricycle battery mainly used in household electric tricycle, electric tricycle, sectional electric tricycle, the electric tricycle battery has a characteristic is to support a variety of sizes, such as cargo with the electric tricycle batteries generally use 72 v40ah are common, and manned with electric tricycle batteries mostly 48V50Ah are common, small electric tricycle, of course, also useful 60 v50ah battery as a power. The 36V10Ah kettle battery can be made with imported 18650 battery cells. If the cost price of the battery is taken into consideration, then the battery cell made in China should be adopted. Now the capacity of 18650 lithium battery cell in China is widely distributed and there are many brands.

Large capacity electric tricycle battery

2, such as small electric tricycle most is to use the above 60 v50ah batteries to drive motor, the electric tricycle battery can last for power supply, electric tricycle and the battery can be placed under the seat, remove all installed more convenient, of course, this can also according to the situation about electric tricycle motor and battery box body to custom make higher capacity and higher voltage of lithium battery pack.

二、Electric performance of electric tricycle battery:

1. The battery cell of the electric tricycle is guaranteed to be 100% full capacity, with excellent quality and reliable quality. All battery shells are protected by PCM, which can protect the normal use of the lithium battery cell.

2, different electric tricycles above the use of electric tricycles battery size, voltage, motor, capacity are different.

3. Rated voltage of electric tricycle battery: 48.0v /60V/72V

4, electric tricycle battery discharge termination voltage: 35.75v /44V/55V

5. Customized rated capacity of electric tricycle battery :10Ah~70Ah.

this is Electric tricycle battery

6. Maximum charging voltage :54.6VDC/67.2VDC/84VDC.

7. Charging mode: cc-cv.

8. Standard charging current :5A.

9. Instantaneous charging current :10A.

10. Maximum discharge current :80A.

11, the electric tricycle lithium battery charging temperature is recommended 0 degrees above, 55 degrees below; The discharge temperature can be between minus 20 and 60 degrees.

12. The battery of electric tricycle is mainly assembled by battery cell, protection plate, shell, sampling line, electric quantity display meter, charging and discharging connector, connecting piece, protection piece and auxiliary materials through PACK technology.

13. The battery size of the electric tricycle is 180*153*145mm.

Electric tricycle battery for household use

If you have electric three-wheel lithium battery customized technical scheme, you can directly send to us, of course, you can also find our customized scheme, you can contact us for demand, you can learn more technical parameters from the vehicle lithium battery balance technology, you can also call us to consult the detailed method of customized lithium battery. Check out the website map to learn more about the multi-voltage electric tricycle lithium battery.

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