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The cylindrical LC18650 3.7V lithium battery cell can be designed in combination with the battery protection board. The LC18650 3.7v lithium battery has common type, A LC18650 3.7v lithium battery, ternary genuine LC18650 3.7v lithium battery, etc. The actual pictures of the LC18650 lithium battery cell are as follows:


Lithium cell voltage: 3.7v.

Battery brand: LC 18650.

Battery capacity: customizable.

Cylindrical LC18650 3.7v lithium cell internal resistance, voltage, capacity are consistent lithium cell.


Can the capacity of LC18650 3000mAh lithium battery really reach 3000mAh? LC 18650 3.7 V lithium batteries do 3000 mah capacity and the answer is yes, there are two kinds of original samsung 18650 3000 mah batteries, just as the voltage is different, and the abnormal condition of the battery capacity is 3000 mah can last 20 a 18650 power lithium battery discharge, so LC18650 3000 mah lithium battery was more nervous, the market has a variety of capacity and different colors, different colors for different battery capacity as shown.


Ternary LC18650 3.7v lithium battery is blue packaging outside, cylindrical LC18650 3.7v lithium battery positive pole and negative pole can not short circuit, check the website map, you can learn more about the ternary LC18650 3.7v lithium battery.

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