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Introduction to low temperature battery:

The low temperature battery is a low temperature lithium battery of 18650. It can withstand a low temperature of -40 degrees, that is, at a low temperature of -40 degrees, the 18650low temperature battery can be discharged to work. At present, this battery has been used in many military products below zero. We use 18650 low temperature battery as one of the main materials in several low temperature battery projects of xx research institute.

-40°C low temperature battery

3.7 V low temperature 'the low temperature as compared with ordinary 18650 18650 lithium battery core lithium batteries more expensive, so this kind of low temperature' use it in domestic few lithium battery PACK for battery high finished product design, and we are in the military industry has cooperation with several research institute, mainly into low battery and part product projects.

low temperature 18650 battery

Low temperature battery performance:

- 40 degrees low temperature 'low battery operating temperature range for - 40 degrees to 60 degrees, and 40 ° C low temperature' can in extremely cold area and the environmental temperature are bad areas use, part of the exploration design, signal equipment at low temperature, low temperature monitoring equipment, low temperature infrared cameras and so on many kinds of low temperature in equipment with low temperature '18650 batteries at low temperature.

Low temperature battery

To 40 ° C low temperature 'is currently one of the better low temperature 18650 batteries, mainly used for low temperature below freezing environment use.

Working temperature: - 40 ° ~ 60 ° C C

Charging temperature: above 0.

Low temperature battery customization process description:

1. Please tell us the number of low-temperature batteries.

2. Please tell us the environment you use.

3. Please tell us the size, function, appearance and electrical performance requirements of your cryogenic battery pack.

-40°C low temperature battery

View the site map, can be more related to 40 ° C low temperature 'low temperature 18650 batteries, 3.7 V 18650-40 ° C low temperature' lithium battery core is a negative resistance at low temperature low temperature 40 degrees 18650 batteries, 40 ° C - low temperature 'low temperature 18650 battery mainly used on military products, To 40 ° C low temperature 'belongs to the 18650 low battery core, seek to 40 ° C low temperature' low temperature lithium batteries or looking for a 18650-40 ° C low temperature 'batteries come in low temperature ofbattery.net.

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